Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wire for Mother

"Ahhhhh, what a lovely day to tour the world," said Nonesuch, "I will start with my garden," and off he went.

"Oh, my dear Frippery, do come and look at the roses. Don't they look sooooo happy? Why the Edens, the platinums and the Cecil Brunners are running in reckless abandon! The pinks are touched by cows' cream and just enough lime. You naughty petits, you thought I would not see your secret glory and newborn arches. You are heady indeed," Nonesuch added.

"My, my calm yourself dear man, what a conversation! Though I must admit I, for one, am lapping it up. Tell me, why are you so happy?" queried Frippery.

"I don't know really," he paused. "I guess it just occurred to me, I ain't never lived this day before," Nonesuch called over his shoulder as he skipped away.

"Hmmm," Frippery said to herself as she fumbled a photo of Nonesuch and his world of flowers. "I like that thought....I think I'll just wire it with these photos to dear mother,....hark, is that a peacock I just heard cawing?" added Frippery.

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