Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Perfect Shade of Perfect or What to Wear Tonight

"Are you getting ready Frippery?" said Nonesuch. "Say what?," said Frippery. Getting ready for what?"

"Tonight is the Grand Lucinda Ball, had you forgotten?", Nonesuch explained.

"I had completely forgotten. I can't go, I cannot deal with my hair and all the maintenance at this point. I need my village of upkeep villagers. Oh, vey. I'm not super woman. It's not like I have a pressed super hero costume in my closet just ready to go." Her rant was warming up....

"Where are Viktor and Rolf when I need them? I guess I could go if I could work out the right dress, hair, shoes...make-up...yadda, yikes. How does this outfit look? Oh, the myth of the perfect. This is going to take more than a felted princess miracle," continued Frippery as she wandered in the general direction of her closet.

"Nonesuch, what are YOU going to wear?"
"Nonesuch?" she called to no reply.

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