Thursday, May 13, 2010

I don't know about you but...

"I don't know about you Nonesuch, but I think it is a fine day for a picnic," Frippery stated. "As a matter of fact, I have it right here," she continued.
With that she pulled from her basket: an instant grassy meadow, a gingham cloth, a pair of blue sky napkins, pork chop on plate, deli ham and Swiss sandwich in a brown (cashmere) bag, rotisserie chicken and as well a fine vintage. Too, the requisite insects were also included, pre-jarred of course as this made them less bothersome.

Let it be known that the sup was figure saving and in fun -- as it was of the felted, fabric and wooly sort.

It was a lovely picnic indeed -- if one was prepared. (
You see, Frippery was in the habit of making things all folly, whether a "vegan" lunch as in today's picnic or other faux "objet d'art" items. All the while her guests sat here and about she would be popping all TOO real, and very "outside the food pyramid" chocolates from her seamed pockets into her mouth). The unfortunately unprepared fed themselves on their wry amusement or occasional, if suppressed, disappointment.

As such and knowing this gag Nonesuch settled himself and picked up the bottle marked "Der Wine," uncorking it, he noticed a flash of white, what was this device?...could it be there was a note in the bottle?

He unfurled it, and with it, his suspicions...Frippery held her breath...

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