Monday, June 28, 2010

Evening Bagged

The evening was in the bag. Cleverly disguised as a ham sandwich, Frippery's phone went unseen as she approached the mayor. Too, she had thought to bring her spiral cut ham purse which one could possibly mistaken as a meat lover's accessory. Regardless, Frippery was a self-professed vegan and the purse suited her just fine.

A little ham slice side pocket to hold secret hankies and a zip off ham slice served as an unlikely broach. What next? Maybe a pair of small fillet of sole -- shoes?
Fashion was such a romp.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Grand Lucinda Ball

"My, there are so many people," Nonesuch said as he alighted from his car. "I knew this was thee ticket in town, but, who knew what amazing follies awaited the eye and...what amazing delicacies awaited my palette."

"Oh, Nonesuch, you are a dear. I am just so glad that I found this frock in my closet and...still fit in it. I have had far too many chocolates, and far too little exercising. But, even I cannot miss the yummies ahead. Oh, look, there is Mayor Tippsy. Shall we pay our respects?"

"Yes, let's." And, off they went.