Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Importance Of Being Relevant

"Frip, what's this?" queried Nonesuch.
"Well, take a look," she said.

"Okay, okay, I will, but...what could it be?" It looks like a note...,"
he wondered aloud.

Jumping in Frippery said, "Or,...maybe a pair of cruise tickets," excitedly motioning to the trick bottle she felted yesterday and stuffed with papery notes."

"Uh, oh, is someone...going somewhere?" eased Nonesuch.

"Yes dear, WE are, it is my biggest birthday ever and, well...simply put I have decided we're going on a grand tour," she stated.

"But, you know...this is a bad time in the economy and all. I thought we decided to put off super sized indulgences." offered the now becoming flustered Nonesuch.

"Nonesuch, this is nothing of the sort," tried and indignant Frippery, "If anything, I would call it eminently practical, not only that, but an educational mandate, a call to ponder, and refine -- a sabbatical for the soul," she said.

"Why my dear strive so hard in life, filling one's head with endless thoughts, facts and figures -- honing one's talents all day out of books and all manner of dithering with the computer and what not if not to step away from it all and test oneself for relevancy in the world.

"In fact, why create curiosities in one's head if not to occasionally try it all out in the actual stuff of the real world? What IS the point after all Nonesuch,?" stated Frippery at length starting to stand.

"Calm yourself Frippery, I did not say anything, I am just mulling," Nonesuch offered.

"Nonesuch dear, I have actually heard it said in polite circles and beyond, that civilization can be so uh, uh, uh..civilizing..."
Frippery finally announced.

"Responsibilities or not -- let's enjoy life from another deck chair," she continued. "Quite possibly the change of view would challenge us about what our priorities actually are these days. The daily slog will survive quite well without us," as she harrumphed away.

Well, this was a pickle of sorts, and not one to be "dillied" with for very long. Nonesuch was astounded by what he actually regarded as a wild idea and deeply perplexed about the quandary of it's timing.

However, this relevancy thing Frippery talked of was what was most stuck in his craw. Was HE in fact relevant? Was it important to be relevant? What to do, what to do, if anything. Couldn't one be relevant without a trip abroad or following the latest trends and fashions? Must one always be striving and moving? Wasn't that just another distraction?

Sometimes a flower could be the whole world he thought to himself.

Of a sudden it seemed in fact Nonesuch's world was spinning faster and faster and tilting out of control. His beloved measured life was manifesting all manner of hard questions. It seemed as if a serpent had sprung from his quiet garden and he was being called to adapt and act fast.

Nonesuch did not much like adaptation, unless it was on his own terms. And, frankly adaptation by surprise ambush, as it seemed this morning, was his least favorite variety.

He rathered his surprises more if they were served up alongside his Sunday pancakes like a pair of crisp bacon slices done on the slightly crisp side. Insead it looked to him as if he was going to start his day with what he called a "mean breakfast" as his first course. In other words, the bacon was burnt and tasted like dust.

Off in to the garden he went to gather his thoughts.

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