Sunday, May 16, 2010

Frippery stewed and stewed. She then picked up a paintbrush and started mixing paint. Soon she found an old linen canvas brought back from a trip to France years ago that had a half painted painting on it. The painting was now the start for her next work. Thinking and painting, painting and thinking. The process calmed her and put her in her world. It seemed from her vantage point, going or not going on a trip was beside the point and it was all a tempest in a tea cup and she was sorry to have caused so much commotion.

Truth be told, reality was not her favorite cup of tea. And, yes, Nonesuch was right. It was a crummy time to launch that dream. Drats! At least when she painted, she was free, floating and, yes -- happy. For a while, she allowed herself to finally breathe deeply and indulge her painting. Life serves you up itself, like it or not. She fished in her pocket for her last chocolate and popped it in her mouth. Yum...

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